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1 (Medical):Suffered from Muscular Dystrophy from he was 18 years old. Schmidt, Kevin Lee (I328)
2 (Research):I følge folketellingene i 1865 og Klokekrboka for Tjugum Kirke i 1862, var navnet på garden "Rød", og dermed også etternevnavnet "Rød". Rød, Helga Knutsdatter (I13)
3 Minst en nålevende eller privat person er linket til dette notatet. Detaljer ikke tilgjengelig. Gebo, Michael Andrew (I243)
4 Anders drog frå Askøy til Misund i Romsdalen, der han giftet seg med Styve, Anders Bergeson (I557)
5 Andrew Sunde was forced to leave home when he was 10 years old to give roo m
for the younger children. He lived with a neighbor and did chores for his
keep. He did continue to go to school through about the 8th grade. In 19 09 he
travelled to the United States to work for three years for his mothers sis ter's
second husband--Tom Twedt. He was farming near Colton SD. He travelled w ith
the family to the Sinai area in 1911 when Tom purchased a farm about three
miles north of Sinai. He returned to Norway for about three months in 191 4.
During that stay he gave a mouth organ to his younger brother Chris. He
managed to play that and then moved up to an accordine and had a band for
sometime. When in Norway Andrew did a lot of blasting of a mountain si de so
that a road could be brought closer to the farm about 8 km east of Da le at a
small town called Sunde. Grandfather Karl Sunde ran the lighthouse.
Andrew spent some time in Haver Montana and had a homestead there f or a
short while. About that time he also lived near Willistan ND. He serv ed in
WWI (enlisted July 1918)and got pneumonia shortly before his unit was to m ake an attack against the Germans. He was sent to a hospital and wh en he was
recovered the war(Armistise Day Nov 11, 1928) was over.
Most men of his unit were killed in an attack. He
married Clara Sunde and took over the farm that her Dad had given to her.
However, in order to purchase some more land for her brother Oscar, Grandp a
mortgaged the farm for $5,000. During the depression that was more than t he
farm was worth. It must have been a terrible thing for him to go through.
Having three young children with a big mortgage and then have his wife, Cl are
(my mother) die. Not only that, but the awful drought that hit South Dako ta
and most of the midwest in the early 1930's. I remember him looking at th e
heat lightning in the evening and wishing it would rain. About the only t hing that stayed green was the Russian thistle. The would break away fr om the roots and then be blown into the fence lines. At that same ti me we had the awful dust storms. In fact on the 80 the whole north fen ce had to be removed in the early 1950's and a bull dozer used to push t he dirt out into the field. How he could stand all the bad things that ha ppened to him, I don't understand. I remember when the banks were clos ed during the Roosevelt administration. My Dad owned money to the Ambe rg (Como) bank and He couldn't pay. The bank took the little deposits th at Toots, Ken and I had and applied it to his loan. The sheriff came o ut to take my Dad to jail one evening. He drove a big Buick car with 8 cy linders. I could hear it idling in the drive way. I also could hear my D ad pleading with him not to take him. He said "what about the kids". T he sheriff didn't seem very concerned. I was upstairs in the south bedroo m. I thought that I would need to get up real early to get the milking do ne and the feeding of the pigs and chickens before we went to school. Eve ntually, the sheriff left and Pa stayed with us. I don't know how he sto od it. By the late 1930's he had married Bertha Moen on May 22 1937, the r ainfall had increased, the mortgage was
transferred to the Federal Land Bank from Bankers Life, the crops were bet ter, Kenneth was over his pneumonia, Toots had recovered from her masto id operation and things were looking up. He got the farm clear, in 19 49 he decided to build a new barn and he was happy. He died in Sinai at h is home in Town. The funeral was March 11,
1957. The Paster was Vernon Tweedt. The Pall Bearers were Albert Ersta d, Iver Erickson, Embert Clement, Ole Skordahl, Joe Husher and Alfred Neil sen. It must have been an awful experience to raise three kids, pay for t he farm and keep from going insane.
In the summer of 1999, I received a letter from Violet Twedt (Stime ). She was baby sitting us kids during the funeral for my mother. Both Ke nneth and I were sick from the flu (The same one that killed my mother ). She wrote "I will never forget the day of your Mother's funeral. Bo th you and Kenneth were sick in bed and I sat by you while Pastor Johns on spoke. I rememgber you Dad holding Toots and she said "Ma Ma.". It br oke my heart. Onwe of the other ladies a couple years ago told me that wh en my Dad held Toots up to see her mother in the casket in the Parlor (Th ey often brought the body to the house for a short funeral for the fami ly prior to the church service. Toots had said to Pa "Why is Ma Ma sleepi ng?" It must of almost killed my Dad.
This was one reason that I agreed to talk at the July 4th Celebati on in
in Sinai. I wanted to say thanks publically to my Dad for all he h ad to go through. 
Sunde, Andrew Carlson (I777)
6 Berge drowned in the Evanger lake. Styve, Berge (I312)
7 Bill was born in Duluth, Minnesota to Martin and Dorothy (Long) Satterness. He graduated from Morgan Park High School in 1947, and earned a B.A. from the University of Minnesota - Duluth. He married Marilyn Imbertson of Hibbing in 1953.

Bill began his 43-year career with US Steel Corporation in 1949, starting in the coke ovens and then the open hearth. After completing his education he held a number of management positions at Duluth Works, Trenton Works (NJ), and US Steel's Great Lakes Fleet, retiring in 1992 as Director of Employee Relations.

Upon retirement, Bill and Marilyn resided at Briggs Lake for several years, then in Sartell, most recently at Country Manor Senior Apartments.

Bill loved duck hunting, trout fishing, and observing nature. For most of his retirement he was a volunteer naturalist at Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge. He also served as a volunteer bailiff at Sherburne County Court House. He was a member of Sons of Norway, Euclid Masonic Lodge in West Duluth, and a former President of the Downtown St. Cloud Kiwanis Club.

He sang tenor in the Duluth Harbormasters Barbershop Chorus and in several church choirs, sometimes as a soloist.

Bill was known as a gifted storyteller, whether in the church basement or the hunting camp. 
Satterness, William Bernhard (I166)
8 Minst en nålevende eller privat person er linket til dette notatet. Detaljer ikke tilgjengelig. Styve, Arne (I9)
9 Bottolv and Thuri stayed at the farm Rød (Rud) Familie F584
10 Clara, my mother died early Monday morning about Dec 17 1928. She was
taken sick about 2 weeks previously and thought she had about recovered,
although she had "trouble keeping" down her food. She was also a few mont hs
pregnant. She died from pleuro-pneumonia. She was taken to the hospit al on
Sunday and died three oclock the following morning. She was baptized by Re v.
Aaberg and confirmed by Rev. Voldal. I last saw her alive looking out t he west
bedroom window in the farm house. Dr. Scanlon was taking her to the hopsi tal
in his car. Dr. Scanlon later wanted to adopt Toots to help the family ge t
over this awful thing. 
Mehl, Clara Josephine (I775)
11 Minst en nålevende eller privat person er linket til dette notatet. Detaljer ikke tilgjengelig. Olson, Joshua Alan (I422)
12 Copy of the obituary for Kevin as published in the "Waterntown Public Opin ion" newspaper upon Kevins death:

"WEBSTER - Kevin Schmidt, 41, Webster, died Wednesday, March 20, 200 2, in a Webster hospital of natural causes.
Funeral services will be Monday, March 25, at 10:30 a.m. in the American L utheran Church at Webster with the Rev. Jan FitzGibbon officiating. Buri al will be in the Webster Cemetery. Honorary pallbearers will be the Webst er High School Class of 1979. Active pallbearers will be Doug and Danny V alsvig, Joel Sinner, Bill Drake and Kelly and Scott Schmidt. Visitation w ill be in the Fiksdal Funeral Service Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. and 7 to 9 p .m. and in the church Monday prior to services.
Kevin Lee Schmidt was born March 4, 1961, to Harry and Alice (Solber g) Schmidt in Webster. The family made their home on a farm in Racine Town ship, Day County, east of Webster. He was baptized and confirmed at Americ an Lutheran Church in Webster. He attended grade school and graduated fr om Webster High School in 1979.
When he was eight-years-old, he was diagnosed with Muscular Dystroph y. He was eventually confined to a wheel chair. In spite of his illnes s, he enjoyed life, being an avid fan of the Webster Bearcats and attend ed many local sporting events. School representatives awarded him a lifeti me pass to all games. He also was a fan of Minnesota Twins Baseball, Minne sota Vikings and NASCAR and watched many games and races on televisio n. He enjoyed stock car racing and was able to go to many races in the are a. He also enjoyed camping, playing games and reading. He was a life-lo ng member of the American Lutheran Church at Webster.
Survivors include his parents, Harry and Alice Schmidt of Webster; o ne brother and sister-in-law, Allen and Judy Schmidt of Watertown and thr ee sisters and brothers-in-law, Kathleen and Doug Grupe of Webster, Lia na and Ron Foltz of Watertown and Rhonda and Paul Sigaty of Aberdeen. " 
Schmidt, Kevin Lee (I328)
13 Cora was the first born daughter of Lars and Martha Mehl. she died in 186 6. She I am sure was born in a sod house because Peter used to say th at he was born in a sod house. Mehl, Cora Josephine (I1624)
14 Minst en nålevende eller privat person er linket til dette notatet. Detaljer ikke tilgjengelig. Mell, Craig (I94)
15 Minst en nålevende eller privat person er linket til dette notatet. Detaljer ikke tilgjengelig. Gusenius, Della (I454)
16 Died at age 97, was fishing day before Njøs, Nils Olsen (I1783)
17 Died at young age Rød, Knut (I1835)
18 Died before his father Rud, Ola Nilsson (I1831)
19 Died of epidemic Ese, Magdeli Hansdtr (I1782)
20 Digitized the census of 1805, 1865 and
Kilde (S11)
21 Minst en nålevende eller privat person er linket til dette notatet. Detaljer ikke tilgjengelig. Fehr, Dorothy (I2119)
22 Dro til USA i 1840 Rød, Nils Knutsson (I1770)
23 Drog til Minnesota USA Styve, Gulleik Gulleikson (I552)
24 Drog til USA i 1905 Mehl, Jon (I25)
25 e-mail: Kathleen_Tysse@elem.pflugerville.K12.tx.us Tysse, Kathleen (I648)
26 e-post Kilde (S28)
27 English (e-mail from Milton Sunde):

Martha (Marta) was born in Norway and immigrated to America at the age of 11 (1867). They moved to Fill imore County MN. and then moved to Garretson S. D. She homesteaded near Lake Campbell near Volga S. D. and then married and moved to the home farm in October 1883.
A brother, Albert, owned land west of the Mehl farm about 1 1/2 miles. There was a brother living in Deering ND and a sister at Garretson. The brother was alive at the time of her funeral.

I have not found out where near Lake Campbell that she homesteaded. 
Hatleli, Marta (I1619)
28 Minst en nålevende eller privat person er linket til dette notatet. Detaljer ikke tilgjengelig. Mell, Kevin (I100)
29 English:
From her Obituaries:
As a child, she moved with her family to a farm near Ypsilanti. As a young woman, she attended Valley City State College, where she received her teaching certificate. Sge taught for many years in rural schools.
She married Roy Howard May 18, 1930, in Towner. They lived and farmed on a farm north of Wildrose for most of their married life.
Roy died feb. 14, 1981. She continued to live on the family farm until she became a resident of St.Luke's Hospital Swing Bed Unit, Crosby, in February 1992.
She was a member of the Alliance Gospel Church in Wildrose and had been a Sunday school teacher there. She was a charter member of the Upland Homemakers and a member of the Divide Country Retired Teachers. 
Mell, Alma (I102)
30 Etter grunnskolen, fortsatte Anna på framhaldsskolen. Deretter var hun ett år på Husmorskole i Stryn. Etter dette tok ho arbeid i Haugesund som hushjelp/barnepasser.

Det er i fra denne tida at historien ho seinere alltid fortalte, kom ifra; om gutten som da han var ferdig å spise og skulle takke for maten og sa: "Takk for mat og mette, no har eg ete so eg har svette. Hadde det meir på bordet vore, så hadde det i meg fore. Og så la han på sprang det fortaste han vann, og låste seg inn på do, med faren i helane."

Seinare tjenestegjorde ho i Askvoll hos ei tante av seg. Det var her ho lærte seg å sy.

Etter Askovoll reiste ho hjem til Thue, og hjalp til på garden. Ho traff Georg, ble forlovet, og etter 3 år giftet de seg.

Resten av livet var ho hjemme og stellte for mann og barn. Ho fekk bronkitt og seinere astma i 40-årsalderen, noe hun sleit mye med resten av livet. På tross av dette var ho alltid smilande, blid og liketil. 
Thue, Anna Kristine (I2)
31 Evangerboka Band II s.15

Auksjonsskøyte i buet etter faren Gulleik Bergeson i 1828 på 2 pd. 16 m k. for 706 spd. 
Styve, Berge Gulleikson (I555)
32 Evangerboka band II, s.15:

Overtok skøyte på bruk nr. 1 i 1798 frå far sin.

Etter jordavgiftsboka 1802 var fødnaden 12 storfe, 18 sauer. Sådde 4 t., a vla 17 t. Skog. Bruket verdsett til 300 rdl. Avgift 1 rdl. 54 skill. 
Styve, Gulleik Bergeson (I601)
33 Evangerboka Band II, s.22

Bruksnummer 3 under Styve:

I 1810 skøyter Anders Olson 2 pd. smør til dottera Brita. Kår til foreldra . 
Styve, Brita Andersdtr. (I611)
34 Faddere:
"Plassbruker Jørgen Gullaksen Styve og kone Elisabet Iversdatter,
Skredder Johannes Johnsen Ekse og kone Anna Andersdatter" 
Styve, Jørgen (I284)
35 Faddere:
Lærer J. Mundal, Nikolai Kristiansen Mel, Johannes Hermundsen Langeteig, Theodora Tronsdatter Mel, Helga Botolfsdatter Mel 
Mehl, Georg (I1)
36 Fairly reliable Kilde (S7)
37 Farmar i Mobridge, South Dakota USA Rørgo, Knut Olson (I571)
38 Fekk husmannsfeste på plassen Styvestræet i 1897.

Kom til Styvestræet allerede 1896. 
Styve, Jørgen Gulleikson (I299)
39 Flytta til Træet då sonen Gulleik var 2 år gamal. Evanger, Elisabeth Ivarsdatter (Skorve) (I300)
40 Frå Evangerboka Band II, s.22:

1844 er det skifte etter Brita Andersdtr. og bruket vart utlagt til dotte ra Gjertrud Knutsdtr. for 430 spd. 
Styve, Gjertrud Knutsdtr. (I613)
41 Fra folketellingen 1865:

Distriknr: 3, Side: 427, Skoledistrikt: Vetlefjorden, Sogn: Tjugum, Preste gjeld: Balestrand, Gardsnavn: Melsbøen

Personnr Husholdning Fornavn Etternavn Familiestatus Yrke Sivilsta nd Alder Kjønn Fødested Stort kveg Får Havre Poteter
28 1 Anders Mikkels. Husfd Husmd m Jord g 57 m Balestrand Prgj. 3 3 1/2 1
29 Kristi Iversd. hans Kone g 55 k Lekanger Prg j.
30 Lars Anders. deres Søn ug 15 m Balestrand Prg j.
31 Gjertru Andersd. deres Datter ug 10 k Balestrand Prgj.

Anders er den første ein veit om som fekk plass som husmann på garden Mæl. Jeg antar at før dette var slekta arbeidere på garden.

Anders was thet first that one know off, that became a "Husmann" on the Mæl farm. I suspect that prior to that the relatives were workers on the farm. 
Mæl, Anders Mikkjelson (I756)
42 Minst en nålevende eller privat person er linket til dette notatet. Detaljer ikke tilgjengelig. Mell, Warren (I98)
43 Minst en nålevende eller privat person er linket til dette notatet. Detaljer ikke tilgjengelig. Mell, Eric (I97)
44 Født og oppvokst i Solvika (lite, gult hus) like før Ekse, Lisbeth Johannesdatter (I281)
45 Født og oppvokst på husmannsplassen Træet på Evanger.
Jobbet som skomaker i Bergen i tidlige år. Kjøpte huset i Solvika på Evang er rundt 1930. Arbeidde hos skomaker i Evanger sentrum. Han hadde og så et lite skomakerverksted hjemme i Solvika, for å lage og reparere sko t il familien.
Siste årene jobbet han som avskjærer ved Vestlandske Salgslag sin avdeli ng på Evanger.
Hadde 1 ku og ein gris. Sluttet seinere med kyr, og fortsatte med sauer, k un for egen husholdning. 
Styve, Gulleik (I273)
46 Minst en nålevende eller privat person er linket til dette notatet. Detaljer ikke tilgjengelig. Gillund, Gary (I130)
47 Georg ble utdannet som agronom på Landbrukshøgskolen i Ås ca. 1920. Han jobbet som gartner hos Askelund, der han traff Anna, som senere skulle bli hans kone. Når Askelund ble omgjort til ungdomsskole, sluttet han som gartner. Etter dette jobbet han som veiarbeider på Gaularveien. Han ble tvangssendt til Årdal av tyskerene under krigen. Der var han med på å bygge opp aluminiumsverket m.m.

Tyskerene holdt mange russiske i fange i Årdal. Georg smuglet mat til fangene så ofte han kunne. Han fortalte mye om fangene og sitt opphold i Årdal senere i livet.

For lønnen han fikk under krigen, kunne han kjøpe seg fri fra all gjeld på hus og eiendom.
Eiendommen i Balestrand kjøpte Georg i 1926. Huset stod ferdig bygd i 1927. Etter krigen renoverte Georg huset og fikk bl.a. lagt inn vann i alle soverom.

Seinere ble han bas i vegvesenet. I 50- årene begynte han for seg selv som entreprenør, og utførte sprengningsarbeid og utgraving av tomter. Han hadde 2 -3 ansatte. Dette holdt han på med til han ble pensjonist.

Frukt og bær har alltid vært hans store interesse ved siden av arbeidet. Han hadde epler, pærer, plommer, bringebær, solbær, jordbær, i tillegg til poteter og grønnsaker. Han hadde også dyr på garden. På det meste hadde han både kyr, gris og høns.

Som pensjonist ble hagen det store livsverket. Det var ikke få ganger han ble sendt til sykehuset etter å ha ramlet ned fra stigen i frukttrærne. Blomsterbeddene var alltid fri for ugress.

Han er gravlagt ved Tjugum kirke. 
Mehl, Georg (I1)
48 Georg og Anna giftet seg i Tjugum kirke, og holdt bryllupsfesten på Askelund i 3 dagar, slik skikken var den gang. Familie F1
49 Minst en nålevende eller privat person er linket til dette notatet. Detaljer ikke tilgjengelig. Iverson, Patricia Ann (I493)
50 Gjertrud arvet bruksnummer 2 av Styve gard etter sin første ektemann Knut Sjurson Hjørnevik. Elgje, Gjertrud Johannesdatter (I1304)

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